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As CMR we manufacture and supply delights, turkish delights, snacks, biscuit delights, dragees, chocolates, delight, turkish delight, snack, biscuit delight, dragee, chocolate, pistachio turkish delights, double roasted turkish delights, pomegranate flavored turkish delights, rose flavored turkish delights, turkish delights with pistachio, turkish delights with hazelnut, jellies, tangerine turkish delights, plain turkish delights, turkish delights with mastic, turkish delights with fruit, turkish delights with satsuma, turkish delights with lemon, turkish delights with mint, hazelnut bars, peanut bars, sesame bars, pistachio bars, chocolate dried fruit pulps, pulps, walnut long delights, pistachio turkish delight, double roasted turkish delight, pomegranate flavored turkish delight, rose flavored turkish delight, turkish delight with pistachio, turkish delight with hazelnut, jelly, tangerine turkish delight, plain turkish delight, turkish delight with mastic, turkish delight with fruit, turkish delight with satsuma, turkish delight with lemon, turkish delight with mint, hazelnut bar, peanut bar, sesame bar... Dear partners, welcome to DuBake world of sweets. Our company which is a traditional producer since 1901, was established his brand in 2009 mainly focused on reliable, sustainable, innovative, progressive and quality production mentality as DuBake. Our product varieties will contribute to your business with new alternates to satisfy changing demands. DuBake brand now became well known in 69 countries. Thanks to our experience in food sector and dedicated teamwork. We are proud of providing the most quality and most diversified product range to our customers. Together with this now we are more focused on healthy snacks derived from Turkish Delight and nuts and hope you like them.

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