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As Tafe Gida, we established a facility to introduce traditional tastes, where we make production with new, modern and cutting-edge technology. Traditional sweets, special baklavas, cookies, chocolate bars, Turkish delight, almond and pistachio marzipans are revived with our experience, knowledge and innovative ideas. We offer these unique tastes produced with raw materials supplied by the most reliable producers of our country under hygienic conditions with no additives and conforming to quality standards in special packaging. We aspire to remind you of these traditional tastes once more and bring some sweet joy into your lives. In fact, you are familiar to Tafe. The Tahincioglu Family, who entered into the food industry with tahini production in Mardin in 1926, continued its operations in Diyarbakir with the active participation of Fehmi Tahincioglu in 1952. Kent Gida established by the family in 1957 in Istanbul, received much acclamation in Turkey throughout the years with the brands it created. Fehmi Tahincioglu's experience and accumulation of knowledge in his business life starting from 1952 and integrated with Kent Gida, now introduces traditional tastes to you in Tafe Gida. We have ISO 22000 and Halal certificates.
Since 1950, we produce mevlana sugar, rock candy, Turkish delight and cezerye.
As CMR we manufacture and supply delights, turkish delights, snacks, biscuit delights, dragees, chocolates, delight, turkish delight, snack, biscuit delight, dragee, chocolate, pistachio turkish delights, double roasted turkish delights, pomegranate flavored turkish delights, rose flavored turkish delights, turkish delights with pistachio, turkish delights with hazelnut, jellies, tangerine turkish delights, plain turkish delights, turkish delights with mastic, turkish delights with fruit, turkish delights with satsuma, turkish delights with lemon, turkish delights with mint, hazelnut bars, peanut bars, sesame bars, pistachio bars, chocolate dried fruit pulps, pulps, walnut long delights, pistachio turkish delight, double roasted turkish delight, pomegranate flavored turkish delight, rose flavored turkish delight, turkish delight with pistachio, turkish delight with hazelnut, jelly, tangerine turkish delight, plain turkish delight, turkish delight with mastic, turkish delight with fruit, turkish delight with satsuma, turkish delight with lemon, turkish delight with mint, hazelnut bar, peanut bar, sesame bar... Dear partners, welcome to DuBake world of sweets. Our company which is a traditional producer since 1901, was established his brand in 2009 mainly focused on reliable, sustainable, innovative, progressive and quality production mentality as DuBake. Our product varieties will contribute to your business with new alternates to satisfy changing demands. DuBake brand now became well known in 69 countries. Thanks to our experience in food sector and dedicated teamwork. We are proud of providing the most quality and most diversified product range to our customers. Together with this now we are more focused on healthy snacks derived from Turkish Delight and nuts and hope you like them.
Sehzade lokum was established by Darendeli Huseyin Aga, and started producing in Malatya since 1939, Thereby, it became a patrimony descended from father to son with each generation, holding as a legacy its own specific formula of turkish delights. Sehzade lokum never ceased to rely on its consumers and friends to work on the continuous improvment of its products, it is in that way that Sehzade gained great experience, expertise and confidence. Moreover, Sehzade has developped its corporate strategy based on the ethics of impeccable hygiene, health and excellent taste. Since its establishment, Sehzade lokum has always kept its place within the turkish traditional confectionery industry as one of the world wide and leader companies, up to now, our turkish delights still hold the scrumptious taste along with nutritious ingredients.
Our company was established in 1981 by Sehzade Kuruyemis name in Manisa. Starting as a small business showed itself in a very short time with driednuts production and sales. In 1993 the company opened its 2nd branch opposite to famous Beyazfil Building of Manisa. In 2001 the company opened its 4th retail store in Manisa and concentrated on production of mesir paste with the most accurate formula and the best taste. In 2007 the company presented the first product "Mesir Delight", "Mesir Candy" and "Mesir Tea" prepared with mesir paste. And then little and classic size big jar of single use mesir paste were presented to the market. Using Maccun registrated brand the company plans to increase its production and product variety through the demands of customers. Maccun products are prefered because of its easy consumption, light and provocative differences of taste by youngs and olders.
“We keep serving without shifting from our path since 1980.”
Abdul Halil Ozgur, who is from Gerger, Adiyaman immigrated to Malatya, learned the production and skill of Turkish Delight. He came to Istanbul in 1974 and started to produce his own Turkish Delight in a 50m2 shop in Eminonu Kucukpazar district with his brothers. In the first years in Istanbul's historic districts and touristic regions, unique delightful Turkish Delights served to customers. Over time, he got Turkey's renowned and reputable Turkish Delight Master title. In 1980s, he expanded production and moved a new plant of 2500 m2 in Gunesli district. Over time, Turkish delicacies were recognized in Turkey and in many countries of the world. Along with his son Yakup Ozgur, he has exported Turkish delight to some 60 countries of the world and continues to do so. He has represented Turkey at many international fairs of the world and continues to do so. In many countries of the world, the HACIZADE brand represents Turkey and the name HACIZADE comes to mind when when you speak of Turkey in New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Dubai and London.
Taris Fig Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union established in 1915 has an exclusive and honorable place in historical development of the cooperative system in Turkey. In the beginning of the 1900s, with the purpose of eliminating the problems caused by the external dependency in the Aegean region and the marketing of the product grown by the farmer in difficult conditions and breaking the monopoly established in Izmir Yemis Bazaar, In January 1912 Germencik and on February 4, 1912 in Aydin, the first step was taken to establish the Aegean Region Agricultural Sales Cooperatives and the producer conventions realized by Aegean fig growers. Nazmi Topcuoglu, Kazim Nuri Corus, Ahmet Sari and his colleagues have seen that the only way to get rid of the negativities of the producers is the cooperative that will be formed among the producers. "Cooperative Aydin Incir Mustahsilleri Anonim Sirketi", the first organization to organize the producers of Aegean Region, was established on 21 August 1915. Today this date is regarded as the foundation date of Taris. The Union has achieved a rapid growth since its establishment.
We manufacture and supply dried nuts, dried fruits, turkish delights, coffee, chocolate, gift chocolate, spices, seasonings, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts, roasted chickpeas, blueberry, bilberry, date, dried fig, dried apricot, sugared almond, almond toffee, nescafe cream, turkish coffee...